Kids Music Recommendations/Recomendaciones de música infantil

In my career as a teacher and as a mom, I have been searching for high quality children’s music in Spanish and English for many years. I have spent countless hours on the Spotify App listening and making playlists for my various classes. I have come across some real gems; music not just for kids, but beautiful for adult listeners as well. I have listed some of my favorite artist below. I am still cautious and selective when choosing songs because not all are free of stereotypes. I have created many playlists on Spotify in English and Spanish. I have playlists with traditional songs, with songs for teaching vocabulary and concepts, songs for movement/dance, yoga songs, peace songs, and more. Look me up on Spotify under the username mamidealexa. You can have access to all of my playlists and please send me the names of any artists that you may know that I have not included.

Kid’s Music Spanish
Cantacuentos (Uruguay)
Cantacuénticos (Argentina)
Mariana Mallol (Mexico)
Funkey Monkeys-en español(US)
Basho & Friends-en español (US)
Magdalena Fleitas (Argentina)
Rita del Prado (Cuba)
Judith Akoschky (Argentina)
Cantoalegre (Colombia)
Colectivo Animal -Un Bosque Encantado (Colombia)
Marta Gómez (Colombia)
Cantaré (International)Ruben Rada- Rada para niños (Uruguay)
Mariana Baggio (Argentina)
Caracachumba (Argentina)

Kid’s Music English
Kira Willey
Ladybug Music
Mista Cookie Jar and the Chocolate Chips
Joe Reilly
Susie Tallman
Alphabet Rockers
Rhythm Child
The Bug Family Band
Josh and the Jamtones
Basho & Friends

Kid’s Music Bilingual
1 2 3 Andres
Mariana Iranzi